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Abstract This paper is on the causes of schizophrenia. There are so many theories out there that blame different things for causing schizophrenia. Researchers think that schizophrenia could even be caused by a virus. Other possibilities include: genetic predisposition, gestational problems, and defects in brain anatomy and neurochemistry. Schizophrenia is a very complicating disease that is still looking for a cause as well as a cure. Right now, only a few drugs can help schizophrenics control their episodes. Luckily, progress is being made and hopefully there will be a known cause and a cure and eventually schizophrenia can be prevented from ever happening.

Schizophrenia: Searching for a Cause Schizophrenia is a devastating disease without any probable cause. Schizophrenia is almost universally viewed as the classic example of madness. Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, and lack of emotional response. Scientists and doctors have been looking for answers for a long time and they have come up with a few conclusions.

Some scientists say that schizophrenia is caused by genetics, while others think it is caused by the brain or drugs. Either which way, there is a cause and scientists and doctors are bound and determined to find it.

The major thing that researchers think cause schizophrenia is genetics. One source states that if you have a grandparent, aunt, or uncle who is schizophrenic, your own "risk factor"� is increased to approximately 3 percent. If you have a parent, brother, or sister who is schizophrenic, your "risk factor"� is increased to 10 percent . Studies of identical twins reveal that if one twin develops schizophrenia, his or her identical twin also develops the mental illness 35 to 60% of the time. Among fraternal twins, studies show the concordance for schizophrenia-the existence of schizophrenia in both twins-is only 10 to 15%...