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The Fate of Patroclus in The Iliad

ar, who was truly liable for his death? Could it have been Zeus or Hector or the mighty Achilles to blame for this horrible death? The intricate story line of The Iliad makes many possible answers ava ... ty accurately explains the actions and events that led to this gruesome episode. The only person to blame for the death of mighty Patrocles was himself.First of all, Patrocles was responsible for his ...

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The Deterioration of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's Relationship

s around him. This includes the relationship he has with his wife, Lady Macbeth. In the end, he can blame no one but himself.At the beginning of the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have a very strong r ...

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Who is Most to Blame For Macbeth's Downfall?

Who Is Most To Blame For Macbeth's Downfall?I have chosen to write my essay about the cause of Macbeth's downfall.I ... external elements that affected Macbeth's downwardspiral, I believe Macbeth himself was the most to blame. It was his weakconscience that was so easily molded. He always had a choice as to what hewoul ...

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Betrayal by God

ences come up. Also when something goes wrong I don't look at God as a scapegoat. I feel you should blame whoever or whatever caused the tragedy. Blaming God is just the easy way out or just a quick a ... ess. The construction blocked almost everyone from entering the building. I don't know if you could blame God for that sort of problem or maybe it was just fate. But with these dilemmas and problems, ...

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"The Role Of the Teacher" by Irving Layton critique

The author shows us how we view the problems of the school system and explains how and why we place blame on teachers. He shows how 'penny-pinching school boards'(p145) are the real ones to blame and ... e essay was very effective because it used many relevant topics and ideas. It properly adjusted the blame from the innocent teachers to the greedy school boards, where the blame should be. Parents and ...

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic ParkThe Dinosaurs were not to blame for the destruction of Jurassic Park 'Nature won't be stopped .......or blamed for what ... en as it makes it; or rather, to be more precise, it offers us contradictory messages about whom to blame for what goes wrong. Science finally takes the blame. Near the end of the book, while the huma ... ociraptors, Malcolm (the mathematician) delivers a long and didactic speech about how science is to blame for messing up the world because it has no morality; science tells us how to do things, not wh ...

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Guilt and How it is Handled

own. By not admitting his responsibility, he increases his guilt because Hester must endure all the blame. Dimmesdale's guilt eats away at him and leads to his doom. On the other hand, the adulteress ...

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Societies Scapegoat

in the civilized world, it's nowonder that it's the easiest target for criticism.It's elementary to blame the tube for a child'sbehavior; it's a quick and easily identified source ofviolence within a ... w it. As a result little Jr. will be lesslikely to chase his sister around the house with anaxe and blame it on Freddy Crouger. After all,blaming Freddy would get him busted for watching Mr.Crouger in ...

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Divorce in the New Millenniun.

vents growing maturity in married couples and generates a negative industry that supports greed and blame.Children are deeply affected by the increase of divorce in our society and those whose parents ... vents growing maturity in married couples and generates a negative industry that supports greed and blame. The Family Courts appear to be interested in making changes and help troubled couples work ou ...

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The Witchcraft Hysteria in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller

ut of theordinary was accused of being a witch and then the accuse would actually beforgiven if the blamed their accusations on another individual. This was themain idea of a play entitled, The Crucib ... r. In this play agroup of young girls act up and are then accused of being witches. Thesegirls then blame other people in order to get out of trouble and even pretendto be 'bewitched' in front of the ...

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The soul. Open Letter of Apology

on a better future or let the mind fester in its own propaganda filled atmosphere? Are we really to blame, for not being able to see what truly is rising in today's society?The acceptance of brainwash ...

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Indians and there Sacred Lands

been in confrontation with the American Indians. In most of the confrontations the white man is to blame. From the beginning we have been trying to take advantage of the Indians in many different way ...

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Motifs involved in the play "King Lear" by Shakespeare. Includes Goneril's speech

you.' (Act I, Sc i, Ln 57-63)and after she had been allotted one half of the kingdom:''Tis his own blame; hath put himself from rest,And must needs taste his folly.' (Act II, Sc ii, Ln 289-290)They b ...

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The Creator's Faults in the Creation. Refers to Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", or the "Modern Prometheus"

ips (Shelly 56). Frankenstein, havingchosen the parts for his creature, is the only one possible to blame forits appearance. Martin Tropp states that the monster is 'designed to bebeautiful and loving ...

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The bubonic plague

ut remorse or thought of consequences. Because the plague was so widespread, theories about causes, blame and a variety of supposed cures abounded. Most of these were without basis or fact and relied ... ost of these were without basis or fact and relied on myths and rumors. Theories for the causes and blames came from ignorance and hate, two horrible things married by fear. Some of the cures were not ...

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The Jews In Nazi Germany

d most under Nazi rule were the Jewish. Traditionally since the Middle Ages Europeans had tended to blame the Jews for their misfortunes and many nationalists in the 1930s believed the Jews were to bl ...

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MacBeth's decent into hell. Speaks of Shakespeare's "MacBeeth"

awdor and after he tells his wife about the witchespredictions she persuades him to kill Duncan and blame it on the guards. After they discover thatDuncan has been murdered his two sons split up so th ...

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The Crucible a terrror of witchery

ing Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, I have come to the conclusion that the three people most to blame for the witch hysteria and the subsequent death of innocent people are Reverend Parris, Abigai ... people are Reverend Parris, Abigail, and Danforth. Each of these people, in some way caused harm to blameless people, and I will, in this essay explain what these people, knowingly or unknowingly did ...

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Hour of a Story, an interpretation of the short story-Story of an Hour

with a sudden surprise of her living husband. I believe that a heart condition is not completely to blame, as Mrs. Mallard was beginning to visualize and enjoy a future of free life without the govern ...

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The Great Gatsby. The question is what specific instances lead to or are linked to Gatsby's eventual death. Includes direct quotations from the novel.

tsby, is eventually murdered by George Wilson. However, it would not be appropriate to cast all the blame upon Mr. Wilson. There were others who falsely fueled Mr. Wilson's rage and who covered up the ... e with her, he could not deny her anything. Daisy abused Gatsby's love for her and let him take the blame, which eventually led to his murder trough the hands of George Wilson.Tom stimulated and fuele ...

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