"The Role Of the Teacher" by Irving Layton critique

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The essay 'The Role of the Teacher' written by Irving Layton reviews the current state of our ever criticized school system. The author shows us how we view the problems of the school system and explains how and why we place blame on teachers. He shows how 'penny-pinching school boards'(p145) are the real ones to blame and not the teaches whom are the easiest to confront. 'A feeling has grown that schools and universities are not achieving that which they were intended: namely , the enrichment of the individuals life by giving him the tools of self improvement and the cultivated mind to use them'(p145) is how most people view the school board and what the author is trying to discuss. The author uses a logical pattern and an expository purpose. The author uses opinion based format for this essay.

Irving Layton uses metaphor in his essay. 'books have become objects of curiosity; like an atomic pile, something heard about but never seen'(p145) This sentence lets people relate with the point that author is trying to get across to the reader.

The reader now has a mental reference or link to what is being described so he can now better understand what he is reading. This stylistic device is used effectively in this essay.

'Knowledge spills over like a water from a seemingly inexhaustible fountain.'(p146) This is a good use of imagery. By applying this description of endless knowledge to a fountain or waterfall the reader can make a mental picture better allowing him to comprehend exactly what the author is trying to discribe. It is very hard to understand what endless knowledge would be like, so the author puts a picture of a fountain spewing knowledge forever, making the idea more plausible to the reader.

The author did not...