Scholarship, Leadership and Practice

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As evident in any career or field of study the tension over the relative importance of theory and practice often creates cracks between scholars, practitioners, and school leadership practice and academia. In this brief essay, we will offer few thoughts about the dividing norms between educational leadership and scholars and imminent solutions to ease these tensions as it relates to Information Literacy.

More frequently, problems within our communities become difficult to solve when people lack access to meaningful information vital to good decision making. In schools, the workplaces and leadership arenas, constantly changing information bases necessitates an ongoing struggle for individuals to keep up-to-date and in control of their daily information environment as well as with information from other fields which affect the outcome of their decisions. Information literacy, therefore, in the context of scholarship, practice, and leadership is a means of personal empowerment. It allows people to verify, refute expert opinion and to become independent seekers of truth.

It provides them with the ability to build their own arguments and to experience the excitement for the search for knowledge, and also creates in young people the motivation for pursuing learning throughout their lives.

The need for international education in universities (Gutek 1993; Calleja 1995) as it relates to global literacy was emphasized by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The organization stated that, "in an increasingly interdependent world, most if not all major issues acquire worldwide dimensions and require global solutions" (Calleja 1995, p. 260:18). As with illiteracy in general, being globally illiterate limits a person's ability to fully understand, participate and succeed in the world (Diaz, Massialas, Xanthopoulos 1999). Hence we live in a global village where collaboration and interdependence on information is obvious, teaching for global literacy should increase students' awareness of the...