School Violence

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School Violence: All over the United States schools are in danger of violence. This is resulting in death and fear.

School violence is everywhere it doesn?t matter what state, city or town the school is located. All schools have problems with violence. Students who cause violence in school are usually students who have problems at home, in the family or students who have been harassed themselves. As a result these students may try and solve their problems with weapons or even kill other students or teachers they do not like. (Bosch 11) Some school violence is caused by drug and/or alcohol use. These two substances alter teen minds into opening fire in school and killing students who have done no wrong. There are also other violent situations that are unexplainable. A perfect example is the Columbine shooting done by two students in Colorado. The reason for this crime is unknown.

The students killed themselves after killing about a dozen of their classmates. We will never know why.

A year after Columbine, parents and teens hold extremely different views on school violence. According to a poll completed by The Discovery Channel and Time Magazine, fewer teens feel safe from violence today (33%) than shortly after the Columbine killings one year ago. More parents believe teens feel safe in school today (45%) than felt that way last year (27%). About one third of teens say they have witnessed a violent situation at school, while only 8% of parents think that?s the case. About half the teens in the poll say they have been threatened in the past year, but only 22% of their parents believe their kids have experienced a violent situation in school. (Time).

Eight in ten adults say they have had conversations with their children about protecting themselves in...