Science and Art as One

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Can science be considered a form of art, and can art be considered a science? Many people look at art and do not look at it deeply enough to figure out its true meaning, but there are some people who do the exact opposite. The meaning of an art piece can be just about anything, or there may not even be a meaning to it at all. The artist may have just wanted to just put his or her art skills to the test. Most people would not look at an art piece from a scientific view, but there is a relationship between science and art. If art can be looked at scientifically, then science should be able to be looked at artistically.

In order to figure out how art and science can be the same, one would have to know the actual definition of each of these elements. Art can be defined in many ways.

The most appropriate definition of art should be defined as creative or imaginative activity using expressive arrangements in a medium ("Art" 48). Therefore, art can be described in the form of body movements, like dancing, or works such as painting, sculpting, and poetry. As you can see there are many different types of art; the definition of science may reveal the relationship between these two elements. Many scientists may define science as the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of a phenomenon, but the best and simpler definition of science would be an activity regarded as requiring study and knowledge ("Science" 744).

One proof of how art can be considered a form of science can be found when a scientist is using pictures to study something like the anatomy of the human body; he or she would probably be using a drawing...