Web Developer Report Short report written to research a career in computer science.

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Web Developer

Web developers are people who piece together and a website. Unlike a Web designer, who deals with the look and feel of the site, a Web developer is responsible for assembling the website using programming and scripting languages. Web developers need to know many computer languages to compete with the business world. Web developers spend much of their time in front of a computer, but may spend time just working with pen and paper planning out their projects.

Since web development is relatively new field, there isn't much specific education background required. Anyone with knowledge of computers and programming would have enough education to work in this field. Concentrating on math and computer science will also help in pursuing a career as a Web developer.

There are very few universities and colleges that offer a specific web development course but related courses such in math and computer science are offered in almost all universities and colleges.

More specialized institutions such as Georgian College and Humber College do have specific courses in web development.

Most Web developers work freelance or on contract basis, meaning long workdays. Almost any company could hire a Web developer to work a website for them, or a web design firm could hire one. Some web design firms include:

2Advanced Studios

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Compared to most of the other things in the Computer Science field, web development has a very important visual and artistic aspect to it as well, web development an extremely good field to go into if someone is interested in programming and art.

Web developers usually work on a contract basis. Income usually depends on the type of job or project and how much work experience they have. Beginning Web developers can earn anything from $20 000 to $65 000.