The Sea

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Mr. Harper

Grade 8A3

Topic 4

Ocean Hunger

A gust of wind sweeps across the ocean's surface and I stand there as the cool air prickles my skin. The ocean moves steadily. I watch as the water slowly creeps up to my ankles, my bare legs shining in the moonlight. My hair whips my cheek. The only sound I can hear is the movement of the water, crashing onto the shore. I amble my way towards the ocean, thinking of the creatures that lurk beneath.

The sand stings my body. I begin to sway with the waves, and can smell the ocean; the saline spray burning my sensitive nostrils. Only the full moon decorates the night sky, which makes everything seem so gloomy. I close my eyes and feel the roughness of the rocks and shells under my toes. I edge deeper into the ocean, the water wrapping its way around my neck.

The rather warm sensation of the sea soaks my body as I pause to a standstill. I smile as I feel a wave hit my body. I move with it. I open my eyes to see the shore completely out of view.

I get tugged further and further into the ocean. The water takes over my body, but I can't fight it back. I gulp for air, but all that enters is the salty water. I'm not quite drowning; I am floating with the waves. They are pushing me, guiding me. I hear the wind howl in my ears; it's moving with speed, and so am I.

I want to yell for help, but who will help me? My friends? No. I recollect my memories. They are the reason for why I entered the water. All of this, just...