The Second Vatican Council

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The Second Vatican Council has had a very large impact on the way that Catholics practice there faith.

There are many changes that occurred in the catholic churches as a result of The Second Vatican Council, three of these changes are changes in the liturgy which means that they changed the language that mass was said in the language of the country. It also means that they changed the mass sacraments; they simplified and restructured the sacraments so that it would be more meaningful. The second change is the ministry and life of priests this means that the work that priests perform for example teaching, the celebration of the sacraments and many more changed. The third change is the formation the priests meaning that future priests must be trained so that it allows them to work as priests in different locations. This will discuss the changes that occurred and the effect that these three changes had on the Catholic Church.

Many changes to the liturgy were made, as a result of The Second Vatican Council; The First change that was made was that all the Catholics that attended mass must participate in the liturgy. One very important change that occurred was that it was not held in Latin any more. Another change that had occurred was the form of the mass it has been changed as the council had simplified, re-structured, and adapted the sacraments so that it should be more meaningful to the people celebrating the sacraments. The effects that these changes have on the Catholic Church have been positive as it has made it much easier for everyone to understand what was happening in the mass. The council has also made it easier as they adapted, re-structured and simplified the sacraments for the group that are celebrating...