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are of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of thesquares of the two other sides. This means that if one makes a square (with all sidesequal in length) out of a triangle with a right ... oduce harmonious tones when the ratios of the lengths of the stringsare whole numbers. After making this discovery, he found that these same ratios couldbe extended further to other instruments.Pythag ...

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instructions for how to cast a fly fishing rod

line gives you the weight to cast.The easiest flyline to learn to cast on is a weight foward line. This means that most of the weight in the line is in the first ten to twentyfive feet ( this allows ... ld feel the line tighten behind you and the tip of the rod should bend back slightly. When you feel this push the rod foward and give a small flick of the wrist so that the rod ends up at about 10 o'c ...

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Romeo and Juliet as a Tragedy

roof high standing who dies. The hero opposes some conflicting force. The hero has a tragicflaw and this flaw will lead to his downfall and the downfall of others. Good is alwayswasted driving out evi ... ruth, Verona brags of himTo be a virtuous and well-govern'd youth.I would not for the wealth of all this townHere in my house do him disparagement...(I.IV.65-70)This means that among the people of Ver ...

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Hamlet. 'To Be Insane or Not To Be Insane That Tis The Question'

g of Hamlet's actions are the underliningmeaning for his unconscious motivation toward his actions. This means that Hamlet, maybenot knowing it at the time, would logically justify his actions. For ex ... deeply he loved her,but here he has changed completely, saying that he had never loved her. With in this quotehe slips in that Ophelia should go to a nunnery. This is his just cause for his maddness. ...

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Divine foreknowledge. Concerns Nelson Pike and Boethius

aps there is a lack of free will if God already knows what is and will happen. However, inorder for this argument to be valid, some assumptions need to be made.The first assumption is that God exists. ... occurring, or will occur. God is never wrong.Finally, is the view of God as perpetual, not eternal. This means that at any point in time, Godexists. God has a temporal relationship with the universe, ...

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vernments at a State and Federal level are run according to the Westminster System,used in England. This means that there are two houses of Parliament, a lower house (The House OfRepresentatives) and ... theHouse of Representatives must then be approved a second time by the Senate. The only exceptionto this is the Queensland Government, which has only a House of Representatives.Local governments are s ...

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Plato vs. Nietzche

re of good. Plato, as demonstrated in the 'The Cave' and 'Apology,' believes that Good is absolute. This means that he is of the opinion that there is one perfect version of Good for all people, wheth ... ligence, and wisdom, as well as virtues such as courage, patience, altruism, and prudence come from this Good. In the 'Apology' he states that ' evil can happen to a Good man.' By this he encoura ...

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Formalist Critical Approach to Rupert Brooke's "The Soldier"

TICAL APPROACH TO:RUPERT BROOKE: THE SOLDIERI am analyzing the poem 'The Soldier' by Rupert Brooke. This poem is about aman who loves his country dearly. The country is England. He believes that if he ... y that he was English.Brookes says in his forth line, 'In that rich earth a richer dust concealed.' This means thatif he is to die in a land other than England that the soil would be made better becau ...

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Bonum Ex Integra Cause, Malum Ex Quocumque Defectu

"an action is good when it is good in every respect; it is wrong when it is wrong in every respect."This means that in order that an action may posses in an essential degree -- no action is absolutely ... y pleasure. But, in order to secure the maximum of pleasure, prudent self-control is necessary; and this is virtue. Epicurus held that pleasure is the chief good; but pleasure is rest, not motion; and ...

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report on redgiants and typeII supernovae

Red Giant StarsRed Giants are very large, cool and luminous stars. This stage lasts about 10% of the stars life. They are old stars meaning they don't have much lifeti ... towards the centre causing the star to heat up. The fusion rate increases within the outer shells; this causes the star to expand. The surface cools, making the star turn red. The red colour increase ... e star to expand increasingly.Red giants occur as a result of the hydrogen in the core running out. This means that the hydrogen burning can only continue in the outer shells around the helium core. T ...

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If you are are against abortion then you should be a vegetarian. Existentialism

such a vast amount of people their exists virtually every different belief, thought, and ideology. This means that for every argument and every disagreement that their exists two sides of relative eq ... in which philosophers use to analyze situations and determine theories of life. For the purpose of this paper I will try and argue my personal beliefs on a specific argument. This argument is present ...

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Economic Reform/Policy Mix, Covers macro and micro economic reforms in Australia

ction now is to provide a stable internal and external balance under which the market can function. This is achieved through the use of fiscal, monetary and microeconomic reform.Australia currently op ... scal, monetary and microeconomic reform.Australia currently operates under a mixed economic system. This means that the government has partial control over the economy and has the ability to influence ...

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Distribution of Virtual Marketing

it has grown from a means of communicating for physicists to having more than forty million users. This tremendous growth and interest in the Internet can only mean that great opportunities lie ahead ... channels of distribution consist of the product, producer, wholesaler, retailer, and the consumer. This means that first there is a product. Then there has to be someone to produce the product. The p ...

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The Population Solution

he world's population to weigh as much as the entire planet? The answer is - not quite 1,600 years. This means that by 3550 AD, the human population would weight as much as the entire planet.... Even ... gest in terms of population size, Kenya has one of the highest rates natural increase in the world. This rapid growth rate, which is predicted to reach 120 million by the year 2050, is primarily due t ...

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Industry and the effects of climate in Italy.

nopolized by large c ompanies (more than 100 workers) though these comprise only 0.4% of the total. This means that companies are widely dispersed over the whole country, obviously with significant lo ... innovations which, with increased competitivity, enable them to penetrate international markets, in this way contributing to the consolidation of the Italian image and presence throughout the world.Th ...

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Video card

are in three dimensions. In addition, some web sites also apply the use of three dimensional space. This means that they are no longer a flat homepage, but instead a virtual world. With that added dim ... owever, there has now emerged as a result of high resolution three dimensional graphics technology. This paper will discuss why the video card nowadays can process high resolution three dimensional gr ...

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Distinguishing the differences between sense and sensibility. Refers to Jane Austen's novel

The topic of this paper is to distinguish the differences between sense andsensibility. Represented in Jane Austi ... novel begins with a dying father telling his son that he must leave hisestate to him and his wife. This means that the three girls and their mother will beleft without a place to stay and the girls w ... their mother will beleft without a place to stay and the girls without dowry's. As lethal a blow as thismay seem, it is coupled by the fact the their brothers new wife is less thansympathetic to the t ...

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Corporate Development During the Industrial Revolution in the US

ural organization.In the steel industry, Carnegie developed a system known as vertical integration. This means that he cut out the middle man. Carnegie bought his own iron and coal mines because using ... ron and coal mines because using independent companies cost too much and were inefficient. By doing this he was able to undersell his competetors because they had to pay the competitors they went thro ...

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The Point of Point of view. An essential element to consider when reading litterature

eir different points of view.Capote's, 'My Side of the Matter, was written in subjective narrative. This means that the story is being told to a particular listener or group of listeners at the conclu ... us on their side, or assume values or views we don't share' (p.179). Right away we become aware of this in the opening paragraph. There seems to be a sense of urgency for the narrator to tell the rea ...

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Not So Hidden Agendas, Wilfred Owen and His Early Editors

sible for establishing Owen's reputation and that reputation was reaffirmed by subsequent editions. This means that in order to understand Wilfred Owen's position in English literature, one must exami ... the possibility of being forgotten by the larger reading audience because of Owen's untimely death. This meant that an edition of Owen's poems had to be published very quickly. Sassoon also recognised ...

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