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I am writing this document on behalf of a friend who sought my assistance on a project. My intentions are to construct an analysis that can be utilized to promote the physical security of this new organization. The development of this document will serve as a benefit to assist in the construction of his organization. The importance of the document is to establish a safe and secure environment. The implementation of the suggested measures will assure that the facility remains proactive in its maintenance of safety.

Crime prevention through environmental design is largely applicable to this organization. CPTED strategies largely depend on the ability to influence offender's behavior as well as counteract threats. The need for secure areas within this location demands that proactive measures are implemented that protects the organization interest. The general construction of the building can provide substantial benefit. Some of these constructions are access gates and doors, key cards, surveillance cameras and guard post.

In addition, sprinkler systems, alarms and notification systems are a priority.

It is absolutely imperative that a surveillance system is made a component of the physical security plans. Without this implementation, there are no immediate systems of accountability available. Surveillance systems are unseen eyes and allow the officials to apply the necessary forms of aid needed. Business must take into account that humans are not always available to witness crimes. In additions, humans are flawed and surveillance systems keep accurate accounts of events. Surveillance systems cost a lot less than human interaction and can be used over an extended period of time. Some business owners may not understand the importance of this tool but I assure you it is a benefit for your organization.

Another beneficial tool to include within your organization are outdoor barriers. Outdoor barriers include but are not limited...