Seeing is believing

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Seeing is Believing What is visualization? Author Belleruth Naparstek best describes visualization as, " A direct, deliberate daydream, a purposeful creation of positive sensory images-sights, sound, smells, tastes and feel - in your imagination"(198). The object of visualization according to Sherry Amatenstein is, "To imagine as clearly as possible that what you want has already occurred" (156). Visualization allows individuals to mentally rehearse, plan, and practice a desired outcome for different situations. Naparstek states what makes visualization techniques work is, "Our bodies don't discriminated between sensory images in the mind and what we call reality" (18). Visualization techniques have been used to heal the body, improve health, and prepare for life events.

Visualization techniques have been used to heal the body. Terry Tillman was a physically active entreprenuer that turned to visualization to restore a slipped disk that had left him immobilized from the waist down. After several weeks, Terry had amazed his doctors, who had confirmed the damaged vertebrae with x-rays, when he walked again.

A few months later, Terry was running and eventually resumed the active lifestyle he previously had (Heide Banks 50-52). Therapist had taught cancer patient Garrett Porter, a nine-year old with a brain tumor, visualization techniques. Garrett had decided he would imagine rocket ships attacking the tumor. Several months later, all Garrett saw was normal brain in his imagery and a CAT scan had showed the tumor to be entirely gone (Bernie Siegel 154-155).

Visualization has been used to improve health. Many people have employed imagery to rid themselves of stress and the ailments associated with it: such as, headaches, muscle tension, and stomach problems (Heidi Banks 55). Constant aches and pains are debilitating to the immune system and makes individuals more susceptible to colds, infections, and diseases. Individuals who had regularly visually purged or...