Segretion In America

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Throughout the 1800s the United States began to develop into a new cultural society. This new society brought with it a different way of viewing the world. The views that were once held by most members of society began to change drastically. This was a long and drawn out process that took the effort of many people. The nation as a whole began to change with the development of the Market Revolution. Ideas began to spread throughout the United States to cultivate into a democratic nation. With this change in society came a liberation of many oppressed groups within America. Due to the extraordinary nature of our country along with freedom of speech, it is possible for any member of the population, which has been persecuted for the reason of race or gender to seek liberty and gain support through campaign.

The abolition movement was an activity that took place in the 1800s to end slavery and gain women's rights.

Many different groups spoke out against slavery and women's rights during this period of time. In the United States, antislavery and women's rights activities began in the colonial days. During the 1680's the Quakers in Pennsylvania condemned slavery and spoke on women's rights on moral grounds. Through the years, cultural changes led to a society that begun to speak out on the rights of all human beings.

Sarah Grimke writes, "Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women." Sarah Grimke was a young woman that was raised in an aristocratic family in North Carolina. Sarah reflects on the condition of women and the treatment of slaves. It is in these letters that Sarah Grimke uses her liberty of freedom of speech to gain the attention and support of many other American women and men. Sarah Grimke seeks to support women's active participation in education rather than household duties. Sarah Grimke argues that marriage is not the only way in which women should have to go. She explains that women should have the same opportunities as men. Women should be able to be educated before being cast into a house to keep. Sarah Grimke relays that women should not be considered inferior to men, rather they should be considered more equally. Through these activities Sarah along with her sister Angelina encouraged women to be outspoken. They became public figures for both abolition and women's rights. They grew to be well-respected speakers and prominent leaders in the abolition movement. Many women joined their cause and supported them along the way.

It is obvious through this document that in the United States the oppressed groups were able to speak out and gain support from others. The constitution in which we are governed gives each individual the right to speak. This enhances the views of oppressed groups such as race and gender. Sarah Grimke is one of many abolitionists in the 1800s to help create a better life for women and slaves. It is through her pieces such as "Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women," that she uses liberty and justice to gain the support of fellow Americans.