Select and explain the most important turning points in the life of Vladimir Lenin, 1870-1924

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In 1917 Lenin became the Russian dictator and is known nowadays as a Founder of Communism. Many events in his life have turned Lenin's attitude and changed him.

In 1887, Lenin's brother was convicted of an attempted assassination on the Tsar and was consequently hanged for his crime. His brother's activity may have sparked Lenin's interest in revolutionary activity and radicalized him as at this time Lenin began studying the writings of Karl Marx and Chernoshevsky, who had as well socialistic beliefs.

Graduated from the gymnasium and moving on to the University of Kazan, Lenin firstly came into contact with revolutionary groups. He was even expelled in December from university and placed under police surveillance for his first involvement in a demonstration. However he continued to study independently and by 1892 had earned a license to practice law. After a short exile, in 1888, Lenin contacted the Marxist group for the first time.

This event was one of the first triggers, which turned Lenin into a pure communist, as the Marxist group taught Lenin everything about socialism.

Consequently, Lenin took his first overseas trip in 1895. He visited Switzerland, where he came in contact with Plekhanov's 'Emancipation of Labour' group, Berlin and Paris. Plekhanov's group gave Lenin different good ideas and advises and taught him a lot of things. With their advises and experience, which was gained by him from this party, Lenin has formed 'The League of Struggle for the Emancipation of the working class' or 'League of Struggle; in short. It was his first group he founded.

However for such revolutionary ideas and beliefs Lenin was arrested and exiled to Siberia and consequently to European countries. He was kept in exile there until 1917 until the Revolution began. However Lenin didn't stop thinking and having revolutionary ideas...