How selfish individualism can lead to the breakdown of today's society.

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Self-destruction of our Society

People argue that selfish individualism has led to the breakdown of today's societies. People just want a beneficial life for themselves and they don't want to share their hard work's worth with others. Bit by bit, the mentality of the humanity is destructing.

Racism is an outcome of selfish individualism and it is swelling throughout the country. Racists show no apparent feeling for other people of different color, ethnicity, or religion. They are very discourteous and impertinent to society's views. Because fear for themselves and life as they know it, racists are only expanding, especially in 3rd world countries. Racists are single-minded people who judge a book by its cover. They don't realize the inner quality of the people they are despising. Their individualistic ways have led to their misjudgment of others only by appearance.

Drug usage is also a result of selfish individualism because people benefit from the suffering of others.

The drug dealers, who are often drug addicts themselves, spread their self-destructive ways through selling drugs. Drug addicts aren't only causing hardships for themselves, but to others by getting into serious situations, often falling into crime. The drug dealers' disregard for people is their way of living a selfish individualistic life, propagating more wrongdoing than good.

Everyone wants to live for his or her own good, or self-betterment. Since the world is becoming larger and more complicated, people have a hard time looking out for others except themselves. Working day and night, meeting the same people everyday, it is becoming more difficult to get into more people's lives. As the world and its people are growing busier day by day, the number of selfish individualistic people is increasing remarkably. This is the start of societies decay.

Living by oneself is strenuous; every individual should...