Sense of Self

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"Sense of Self" is defined as a general conscious awareness your of your own identity. My sense of self, (as I have come to understand the term) is essentially what defines me and makes me unique. This could be a certain look, attitude, or personality trait. It could also be the way I view a certain person, thing or subject. Perhaps, my sense of self could even be my purpose in life? If that’s the case, I would argue that my sense of self is something that has changed over time and will continue to evolve as I get older and my life is influenced by people, places and events. To me, developing my sense of self is crucial to living a satisfying and healthy life and is a journey of sorts with no real end. I started to develop my own sense of self when I was a child.

I had the support of my family and friends while I developed new skills, realized my strengths and accepted my limitations. My parents taught me lessons which lead to the development of my own morals, beliefs and values and provided me with experiences and a good sense of judgement that carried with me while I began to distinguish myself as an individual. Personally, emotional experiences have had the largest impact on developing my sense of self. Good or bad, I have learned that when you are pushed to your limits, you get a better understanding of who you are. Specifically, I have learned from family and friends just how feelings can be used as a tool to help determine my needs or desires. For example; anger can be a response from being hurt or scared. This emotion allowed me to set limits on other people’s behaviour that I...