Seperate But Equal

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Seperate But Equal The movie Seperate But Equal was a good story based on and interesting case. I enjoyed many of the scenes, especially those that occured in the courtroom. Other parts, however, seemed unrealistic and excessively dramatic.

As far as my knowledge goes, the movie, Seperate but Equal portrayed well the predjudice of the racially discrimitory Southern half of the United States. It showed the viciouness of the Ku Klux Klan's willingness to condemn those who chose to help alleviate the racial tension and to aid the cause of the NAACP enough to stir up considerable amounts of anger in its viewers. It also exposed me briefly to the procedures used by the Supreme Court, which was very interesting.

I found some aspects of the movie to be unrealsitic and melodramatic. One scene in particular, whcih occured in the NAACP office, the famous black lawyer Thurgood Marshall was doing some desk work and he was interrupted by his secretary or another aid and their discussion turned into a big speech.

I enjoyed the Seperate But Equal movie. It had many good points and went in a good periodic order.