Serial Killers: Why Killers Kill.

Essay by Face-T January 2006

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Serial Killers can be thought of as one of the worlds "imperfections". Why they kill? It is not known and there are no excuses for it but there are people who have come up with their own theories for that answer. It may be a Social problem or a Psychological problem; this essay will elaborate on some of those theories. Serial Killer are made, and not born into society because the Social Control Theory and Agnew's General Strain Theory justify these claims.

Aileen Pittman, born February 29th 1956 in Rochester, Michigan, is an example of a serial killer who follows under the Social Control Theory. Her teenage parents separated months before she was born and her father Leo Pittman moved on to serve time in Kansas and Michigan mental hospitals as a deranged child-molester. Her mother Diane Pratt left both her and her older brother Keith to their grandparents Laurie and Britta claiming they were crying, unhappy babies.

Wuornos later adopted them. At age 6 Aileen suffered scaring facial burns because she and Keith were setting fires with lighter fluid, her childhood showed little improvement after that. She became pregnant at age 14 and delivered a son at a Detroit maternity house on March 3rd 1971. Aileen soon dropped out of school to work full-time, earning her way as a teenage hooker, drifting across the country as the spirit moved her. Upon being convicted Wournos said to police " I shot 'em cause to me it was like a self defending thing, because I felt if I didn't shoot 'em and didn't kill 'em first of all...if they had survived, my ass would be gettin' in trouble for attempted murder, so I'm up shits creek on that one anyway and if I didn't kill 'em, you know, of course,