Sex Education in Public Schools in America

Essay by polish00A-, April 2005

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Sex, sex, sex it's so prevalent in everyday society. The media, television, movies, video games, advertisements, books, magazines; all of these and more not only condone sexual promiscuity but glorify it. The children of America are subjected daily to these explicit thoughts and images. Yet one third of school districts in the U.S. teach abstinence-only-until-marriage which not only tell kids that they should just wait, but the program also limits the information about contraceptives (Rollins). Many people argue that teaching kids about safe-sex is sending them mixed messages. They feel that the message being sent is telling kids it's okay to be sexually active, so long as one protects him/her self. But what about all the explicit imagery and actions that the media portrays as being normal and cool, is this not also sending kids a mixed message?

Unfortunately most of the media doesn't provide the information of safely protecting oneself from diseases or pregnancy.

In the majority of movies and television shows they don't show the guy slipping on a condom before he performs sexual intercourse; or the girl taking birth control weeks in advance. The after effects are failed to be presented in much of today's media. Very few of the sexual acts being performed are by couples that are married. This is in return sending kids a mixed message. Television, and movies are showing them it's okay to be sexually active with out marriage, but their schools are telling them just wait until marriage because it's better that way. Who's sending the mixed message now? Educating the youth efficiently about all aspects of sex in public schools starting in middle school until high school should be a number one priority in every school in America: Teaching kids abstinence only is unhealthy and unrealistic in today's society; by...