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I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and working with my team members. The members of my group were Emily, Dayna, Claudia, and Lindsey. We chose to discuss the topic of sexism for our presentation. We were all intrigued about sexism and definitely had a lot of opinions and information we wanted share. We wanted to present to the audience about what sexism really is and all of the effects it has toward women. We all got together on multiple occasions and worked hard as a team to get our presentation complete.

I think my team worked very well with each other and with our decision-making. We made most of the decisions easily without argument because we all seemed to agree on the same points. We assigned each member of the group a task so we could do equal work and then put it together. My group and I all met up at Dayna, Emily, and I's apartment because we live together and it was the most convenient location besides the library.

We first met up to discuss who was going to research what and who was going to do what slide. PowerPoint really helped my group because it gave us the opportunity to equally spread out the project. We thought PowerPoint would be most interesting for the audience and keep them interested in our topic without getting bored. I know that I would rather look at something or watch a movie/video rather then just listen to talking. PowerPoint was definitely a good choice for our group because we all seemed to work well with the application. As far as deciding who talked about what topic, we just chose what we were personally most intrigued with. For example, Emily really liked the Emma Watson video so she decided...