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1) Edie Lanzano 2) Emilia LoSciuto 3) Mary Fabio

Brian S. Slevin


Sexism by definition is discrimination by members of one sex

against the other, especially by men against women, based on the

assumption that one sex is superior.

It regards women as

inherently inferior intellectually, psychologically, and

physically to man. This view, is shared by both men and women,

and has historically shaped institutions of world society. It

has been continued through the cultural modification of groups of

people through prolonged and continuous interaction involving

intercultural exchange of generations of children with resulting

differences between the sexes.

On-job sexual discrimination such as low-level work

experience caused by traditional sexist viewpoints has hindered

allot of female job promotion. Women with the same

qualifications as a man that applied for a job would be turned

down based on the simple fact that they are a woman. Prior to

the Women's movement women were constantly discriminated against

in this manner. Sexual discrimination still exists but its

occurrence has drastically reduced, subtle discrimination is

however, still quite prevalent...