Sexuality and the Physically Disabled

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Sexology Attitudes and Values 280- Laura Milosavljevic S.N. 18097443

Assessment 2 - Research Paper




Physical Disability, Intimacy and Sexuality

I Defining Physical Disability

II Sexual Rights

III Sexuality and Intimacy in Physically Disabled Individuals

Positive Progress

I Improved Access


III Sex Surrogacy Therapy

Conclusion and Recommendations

1. Introduction

Focusing solely on individuals with physical disabilities, where there is no intellectual impairment present, this paper will outline the definition of physical disability and discuss the difficulties and challenges, oppressions and barriers that may be placed on a physically disabled individual when it comes to experiencing and engaging in sexuality and intimacy. Also discussing the positive shift in sexuality and intimacy accessibility for the disabled person, covering the two current methods most often applied in successfully facilitating sexuality in the physically disabled individual as well as and will conclude with recommendations for areas where specific focus and action strategies can result in improving the accessibility for the physically disabled person to experience equality with able-bodied persons in context to sexuality and intimacy.

2. Physical Disability, Intimacy and Sexuality

I Defining Physical Disability

Physical disability affects approximately 3.4 million people or around 15% of the population of Australia ("Physical Disability Australia - What is Physical Disability? -," 2012). The disability may be permanent, temporary or transient in nature, range in level of severity from mild; where the person has no difficulty performing core activity tasks (activities of daily living such as mobility, communication and self-care) every day, but requires the use of aids or special equipment to do so, to profound; where the person is unable to perform, or always requires assistance, with a core activity task ("Physical Disability Australia - What is Physical Disability? -," 2012). 6% of the...