Shelf Life of Music is so short, Why?

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1. Bach's music is still being played over 250 years after his death. Conversely, 90% of the popular CDs that were in the Charts 15 years ago are no longer available. What do you think is the reason for this discrepancy in musical shelf-life? Is there any music of our time which you think might still be popular in the year 2255?

The musical shelf-life is much shorter these days because all the music of today's era sounds the same as the album before. There is no distinguishable distinction of popular music today. The country music sounds the same, "my lover is gone and I see the bottom of the whiskey bottle..." music like that is over done. Rap music is still partly women bashing but the women rappers are making that different but regardless the women rappers are not commended for their singing talents only commended for their scarcity of clothing.

Even the beloved rock music that has over the ages appealed to the angst of the developing adolescent. But in reality it is the same music I loved growing up, "hate your parents, love no one, cut yourself...." If music had a different sound than just for a certain group, like country music is only for country folks, rap music is only for black folks, and rock songs are for the middle class. I think that the segregation of music make the music shelf life much shorter than the music from Bach to Vivaldi. I believe that classical music is still played because it appeals to all. Although, there might be Metallica being played on the escalator to the moon in 2255.

The music of our time is different but in my opinion I believe that music from the Gipsy Kings, will be played in 2255,