Shoeless Joe

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Three men conjure up a mixture of reality and fiction in their quest for a second chance. Their love of baseball creates a common link that ties them together in the novel Shoeless Joe. The author, William Kinsella, captures each characters' unique need for fulfillment through reincarnation around a setting located in a heaven like cornfield in rural Iowa. The field is transformed into a mysterious baseball park which connects their lives together through a combination of days gone by and present circumstances to right a wrong or the failure to do something right. The main character, Ray Kinsella, relies on dreams and voices from a mysterious baseball announcer to help him fill the void left between him and his father. A famous, though troubled writer, Jerry Salinger, wants to renew his flare for writing and break his writer's block by tagging along with Ray to find new inspiration.

Shoeless Joe, a former disgraced big league player, wants the chance to return from the grave to play baseball again, the sport he loved with a passion. The atmosphere can be likened to the song "Take me out to a ball game", where dreams are grown, nurtured and broken. In this novel, all three men share the same longing for a second chance to rekindle their feeling of self-worth.

The main character Ray Kinsella is searching for his second chance to fill the void with his father and brother. Ray grew-up a city boy that tried his hand at selling life insurance after college. He grew tiresome of this way of life and buys a few acres in Iowa to grow corn. He has a simple but pleasant life with his country wife and family. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when he hears a mysterious voice say,