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Informative Speech: The Purpose of Shoes I. Intro: A. I know you all have heard the fairytale of Cinderella. Time will not allow me to tell the whole story but the best part was when the prince went looking all over the town for the girl who could fit the glass slipper. The shoe was pretty, and perfect for a princess. Now take a look at your feet. What are you wearing to protect them…shoes! Just about everybody wears them, and so we take them for granted. Where did they come from, and what was your purpose for buying them? B. Well I shop a lot, especially for shoes and with my entire shoe shopping experiences I thought I should look deeper into their purpose.

C. By listening to me today, you may not only be enlightened with new and interesting facts but you will be able to value and appreciate your shoes more than before.

This brings me to my purpose for this speech.

II. What is the purpose of shoes, and how can they tell the story of a person? Today I will give you a short history and a few interesting fact on the issue. Lets consider the many aspects on shoes.


A. When did man first begin to wear shoes? 1. It is impossible to estimate the exact phase on earth that man first thought of protecting his feet from danger and weather when on foot. Now lets consider the second important aspect.

B. Who are the potential buyers and wearers of shoes? 1. All sexes 2. All races 3. All ages C. Now the third, the benefits of shoes.

1. Protection 2. They are accessories for all outfits, comfort ability, and fashion are huge factors.

D. Number four, how can shoes tell a...