Short essay about Matt Groening, Creator of "The Simpsons"

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My Icon - Matt Groening

by Joel Califa

I must admit that searching for a suitable candidate as an icon and role-model was not an easy task to complete in the last few days. There are very few men I look up to, and even fewer who I believe changed the world in one way or another. Finally, a minute or so ago, I picked a man worthy for the part. This man is Matt Groening

Matt Groening is responsible for the multiple award-winning animated television show that is The Simpsons. He is also creator and producer (as he is for The Simpsons) for a Sci-Fi animation show following the same cartoon style as The Simpsons dubbed "Futurama". Both of his shows are tremendously successful and one is the longest running comedy on television.

Since the day he was born on February 5th 1954 until he finally achieved popularity with his comic strip titled "Life in Hell" in 1977, Groening was always doodling away on a random project.

Life in Hell was his first successful project and appeared in over 200 newspapers worldwide.

Matt's next big break came in 1985 when film and television producer James L. Brooks asked Matt to assist him with his new comedy series, "The Tracy Ullman Show". Matt was given 15 minutes before the meeting to sketch an idea for the show. With pencil in hand, Matt quickly drew up a funny looking family consisting of one father, one mother, two girls and one boy and named each one of them after a member in his family (with "Bart" being an anagram of "brat" - himself). The idea quickly became a hit act on "The Tracy Ullman Show".

In December 1989, FOX Network decided to air The Simpsons in its prime-time...