A Short essay on how the Russian Provisional Government was adversely affected by the 'July Days'

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The 'July Days' was the period when sailors at the naval base of Kronstadt organised their own armed demonstration under Bolshevik slogans and walked into Petrograd. The Bolshevik leaders were preoccupied by this action, and refused to attempt to overthrow the government.They believed that the provisional government was able to crush this rising with the help from Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries. The Bolsheviks were blamed for this rising and of its casualties. This also provided Kerensky with an opportunity of discrediting Lenin. He claimed that he was a German spy. As result, many Bolshevik offices were closed, and their newspaper Pravda stopped printing. Kamenev and Trotsky were arrested.

The 'July Days' was seen as a dilemma for the Bolsheviks, while the 'Kornilov Coup' and the delay in setting up the Constituent Assembly both showed an enormous benefit to them. Due to the misfortunes in the 'July Days', the Provisional Government was given the opportunity to blame the Bolsheviks, and accuse Lenin of being a German spy.

The 'Kornilov Coup' had disclosed the incapacity and futility of the Provisional Government, and with the delay of the Constituent Assembly, many peasants, and returning soldiers ran out of patience and turned their backs to the government.

After the 'July Days', the Provisional Government appointed Kornilov as Commander in Chief to reassert discipline in the army. There had been continuous strikes afterward and there seemed to be coup organised by Kornilov himself. The Provisional Government had no other alternatives but to ask help from the Bolsheviks. Thus, the Bolsheviks came to aid Kerensky, and Kornilov was arrested. This became to be known as a great success to the Bolsheviks, while it shows great disadvantage towards the Government, Mensheviks, and Social Revolutionaries. The...