Short "Great Gatsby" Essay, Symbolism

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Gatsby wants people to think highly of him, he wants people to believe that he is a high class person, and that he has a lot of money, he wants people to acknowledge his wealth and status. Gatsby throws huge parties, attracting many people from across the town, although they are meant to attract Daisy. They all wear their best outfits, and act as socially high class people. The parties show a fresh energy, but also represent the corruption of the twenties, as the novel took place in the twenties when there was a prohibition law. Gatsby's social name grows, and there are many rumors that go around as Gatsby never shows up at his own parties, yet the parties grow in size and more higher class People show up at the parties such as celebrities.

Gatsby also expresses his wealth through his cars. His cars are a symbol of social mobility, and vary in colour, and size.

His car is first introduced as a rich cream colour, it is also said to be a nice yellow one, and then after it hits Myrtle, it turns to just a yellow car. His car has green leather upholstery in his car. Gatsby often wears white, or pink, showing that he is a softer person, and seems to be pure of heart. The steps to his house are white as well, making his home seem a pure place to be.

It is rumored that Gatsby once killed a man, but nobody is sure. Gatsby doesn't seem to be a violent or racist person; He wouldn't want to ruin his Reputation. It is clear however in the novel that Gatsby is a bootlegger and he and Wolfshiem sell alcohol over the counter at his Drugstore.

When it comes to sports Gatsby...