Should Medical Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The fight for legalization of marijuana has been a rapidly growing war since its prohibition in the mid 1930?s. The Government has looked past all of marijuana?s pros, and only look at the cons. Although all over the world for thousands of years marijuana has been effectively used in a medical instance. The pros of this virtually perfect medical drug are ednless. I will get into those later. Even non-usuers of the illegal drug marijuana, have joined the protest for its legalization for medical purposes. If alchohol and cigarettes are legal, what is stopping the legalization of marijuana? For 12,00 years now, ?Cannabis? or more popular known as ?marijuana?, has been used all over the world for medical purposes. Cannabis is one of the safest drugs. There are no recorded deaths, and it is impossible to overdose. ?Cannabis is a neuroprotective, much neuropathy comes from inflamation of nerves caused by glycoproteins, Cannabis helps cover the nerve?(Herer, Jack).

Also in help with the popular illness ?diabetes?, it serves as a vasolidator, and works well to improve blood flow. Cannabis is used as an additional therapy to help releive symptoms of many diseases and disorders, and it has been proved highly effective. It can be used to make topical creams to help releive pan and tingling of ?Restless leg Syndrome?. It is mainly effective for pancreatis, skin cancers, multiple sclerosis, and neumora condosis.

There are also many facts about cannabis that people do not know. ?Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana is 4 times softer than cotton, 4 times warmer, 4 times more water absorbent, and 3 times the strength? (Herer, Jack prove us wrong!). Cannabis is also easier to grow than cotton and less expensive to grow. Legalization of marijuana would reduce the sales in the black market. ?The...