Should Voting be Mandatory in Canada?

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Election Days are held to express the views and opinions of the entire country and over the past few years, they have failed to do so. Some consider voting a right that they have and they can choose not to exercise that privilege. Others may not vote due to their insecurities about all of the parties involved. A significant amount of citizens do not vote because they believe that their vote has no impact on the outcome of the election. It is our duty to as citizens of Canada to express our opinions and have a say in how our country operates. The number of non-voters that think they are insignificant to the total outcome of an election add up to around 40%, thus creating a media circus after every Election Day doubting the legitimacy of the election. Voting should be mandatory in Canada to make all of its citizens influence the way that the country is run.

A major responsibility as a Canadian citizen is to let your voice be heard and your opinion accounted for during an election. We pledge our allegiance to Her Majesty, the Queen, and promise to fulfill our duties as Canadian citizens when taking the Oath of Citizenship. Non-voters consider it a freedom of choice when they choose not to participate in an election but they have to remember that they received the citizenship card to have a say in how the country operates. That is the most significant benefit of being a Canadian citizen. Passing a bill through the government and making voting mandatory would be good for the citizens even if the government has to take the initiative. The number of Canadians that neglect elections requires the government to take action and make voting mandatory.

The number of citizens that voted...