Sibling rivalry

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Almost everyone has brothers or sisters who dwell together dwell in the same environment. Therefore conflict arises due to the relationship we have daily with one another, hence sibling rivalry. And because siblings have interdependent relationship of one another it is impossible not to have a conflict. My relationship with my family isn't always smooth, even though I consider my family a healthy family. One of the reasons for this is because of the age difference between me and my brother who is a year and a half younger than I am. Age spacing plays a major role in sibling rivalry because the closer the age the more intense the rivalry. My brother always does stage haggling because he feels the age difference between the both of us is very minimal, so he tries to take the spot light from me. He tries to get as much parental assertion than necessary just to have that feeling of being loved over me.

This causes aggression from my part because I feel he tries to rob me off my spot. It even became so intense that he asked my mom why he wasn't given birth too earlier than me. Gender also plays a major role in rivalry, for example my brother and I are both male and we fought a great deal when we were younger. Anything and everything made us fight even watching a wrestling match on TV. We would choose which member we support and act like them, all because we had this resolution style of win- win in our mind. I always strived to become a perfectionist, reliable, serious, critical and well organized kid because I was the first born and I felt my birth order played a major role in making me want to posses these attributes.