How Sidney categories his poetry and how he defense of poetry

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Sir Philip Sidney was the first in a line of English poet-critics, and although his poetic writings exhibit reflexivity about the craft and function of poetry, his importance to the history of literary theory rests on a single work, the Apology for Poetry.

There are three kinds of poetry.1-religious, 2-philosophical, 3-imaginative

Religious-- this type of poetry means divine poetry. Like Solomon's song, David psalms the hymns and all the book of job.

Philosophical--these poets are deals with philosophical matter. Such as phocylides , Cato who are deals with morals. Some other deals with natural, historical .This type of poetry can be chosen by the people of their good taste.

Imaginative--actual facts are presented in this kind of poetry. This type of poetry try to deals something through their imitative attitude to teach and delight and produced what may be happened, didn't give any surety in the future. The have fully freedom to choose their subject.

They can also descried the title of vates or describe the title of poets. Poets have an intention that he produced the way of which one reader can feel interest to acquire the knowledge of the quality of goodness. But unfortunately some foolish people are there who always born to criticize this type of poets.

There is also some subdivision of poetry.

Pastoral poetry has rural setting uphold the beauties and simplifies of the miserable life under the cruel people.

Elegiac poetry deals with melancholy mood. Kindness, morality, virtue are brought from the life.

Comedy deals with disorder to order. It has presented the human error, ugliness of evil and encourages them to appreciate the beauty of virtue.

Satirical poetry curses people of their follies by making them laugh at those follies.

Tragedy brings the moral improvement of human being.

Lyric poetry has sweet...