Silicon Science: The Job of a System Analyst

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Silicon Science: The Job of a System Analyst

What is it like to be on the forefront of technology? New technology is constantly being designed and developed. The people who are responsible for this new technology in the field of computers are most likely system analysts. This paper will attempt to give the reader some insight into the career of a system analyst.

People who work as system analysts work as teams and are constantly dealing with some form of new computer technology. They may build and design new systems, or they may provide consultation on the purchasing of computer systems for a company, school, or small business as to what type of computer system to purchase. The analysts who build new systems must design the circuit boards, peripherals, and choose how the computer will recognize files. System analysts must also select or design an operating system, which is the way the computer interprets files.

During the design of the system, a system analyst must use both math models and other models to solve any problems they may come across (Wisconsin Career Information System 1633.3). Once they are finished, the team must write reports on how to solve any problems the consumer may have with the new system, which, in turn, involves the use of more math models. In order to be capable of completing the above tasks, a system analyst must continue education beyond high school.

The post-secondary education required for a system analyst can be found only at a four- year institution. A student looking to become a system analyst must concentrate on the science and math courses offered by such an institute. Employers look for people who possess a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the following areas: computer engineering, computer information systems, computer science,