The Similarities between the Presidencies of Jefferson and Jackson

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Every one of the original thirteen colonies of America was founded for a slightly different purpose. Jamestown was founded in order to make money for The Virginia Company, The Plymouth Colony was founded because the Mayflower landed in the wrong place, Rhode Island was inhabited by dissenters from Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania was created to be a haven for Quakers. Each colony grew differently from one another. Whereas the Massachusetts Bay Colony became a large seaport, Pennsylvania profited by trading furs. The three primary regions of the east coast colonies also became distinct, and adjacent colonies tended to be more similar to one another. This is shown by the sharp contrast between the plantation culture of the south, and the Yankee capitalism in New England, caused by the rough soil. Each of the colonial areas, New England, the middle colonies, and the south, was founded and developed very differently, allowing for a diversity in origin and religion, and developing heterogeneous political culture in America.

While most of the New England colonies were either founded for religious purpose, or developed tight religious groups, the majority of the middle colonies, including Jamestown, were founded for financial reasons, Baltimore being an exception. The reasons for the religiousness of the New England colonies vary for the most part. The Puritans of the Mayflower settled in Plymouth only because it was the most suitable location after they failed to land at Jamestown, but the Massachusetts Bay Colony was created as a haven for English Puritans who wanted to escape the anti-Puritan persecution of England. The Massachusetts Bay Colony also indirectly created Rhode Island because of its religious dissenters, and influenced other New England colonies such as New Haven. The colonies of the south, and to some extend the middle colonies, were founded to make money, with...