Simply Slavery.

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Some art portrays opinions upon events and/or time periods. Computerized art is now in style within this new era. The clip-art picture "Slave Ship"; part of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, portrays a time period of American history in simple format. The imagery portrayed is most notorious and spiteful. Even a small image has the potential to teach those who are un-cognitive of history.

Tall ships are not so common in today's world. The background of the clip art is a tall ship, which is used to convey the style boat used. The sails upon the tall ship are filled, sailing the ship. On the back of the ship is an American flag, with traits of ambiguity. It appears that the flag is either a Union or a present day American Flag. The possible reasons for this flag conveys that Union states among the civil war owned slaves, this picture is designed post civil war era; racism that still exists in America; or simply a mistake the artist made.

The fore ground of the picture is a person of the African race. This is noticeable through the African style hair and face structure. Upon the person's neck is a brace connected by a chain that has pressure applied, leaning towards you, as though you as a viewer are pulling the chain. The reaction is a struggle of resistance, portraying unwilling pain and suffering for what the person is about to exhibit. The person has fear of the unknown, most likely of either what happened upon the ship or what is going to happen getting on the ship. Another possibility is the person is on the slave ship was being civilly violated. The open mouth upon the slave has not clearly depicted any teeth, rather the darkening of the gums along...