Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton Born in 1642, Newton was the next great scientist to emerge after Galileo. Newton was sent to Cambridge University once his family realized he had no place on their farm. But after only a few years Newton returned home to avoid the Bubonic Plague which had set in on England. Once at the farm he stayed there for 18 month which would later be named the Miracle Years. In that duration of time, he thought and created theories and laws that have changed the way we see science today. Some of the theories were; there theory of light, the binomial theorem, the law of universal gravitation, he also invented the beginnings of calculus. He was a well known scientist respected in his life time.

Newton's first law he created was Inertia. He said that the nature of objects was to either remain at rest of keep moving in a straight line at a consistent speed.

At first one might think this is not true but one must take into account that on earth there is friction which prevents objects to keep movement. With out this friction earth would be quite a different place. When one drives a car or walks there is friction needed to stop, otherwise we would just keep moving in a straight line at a constant speed as Newtons law suggests. In fact, without friction, we would never even be able to begin walking, we would not be able to push off to start. In space, of course, it is a totally different case, because there is no friction in space all things will be in continual movement.

The second law that Newton graced science with was that an unbalanced force causes an acceleration. What this means is that say two children were pulling...