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Sitting here at the age of 18, I can look back at my life and see that there have been many stories in which I was involved in. Many stories in which involved other people that ended with a happy ending. This reminds me of a story that happened with a much sorrowful and tragic ending.

I was all too young, at the age of 10 attending the Haleiwa School in my beautiful hometown next to the ocean. Every morning I would arise to the smell of the fragrant sea breeze that blew over the town in the early morning hours. Already attending this school for the past 5 years, I already had an abundant amount of friends and not a single enemy. Basically, I was living the normal life of the average Hawaiian 4th grader in Hawaii.

This story starts off with my daily early and groggy morning wake up.

My mom would normally have to come in to my room and yell in my ear a couple of times before I would even realize that it was time to wake up. After brushing my teeth and eating my morning breakfast, I started my walk to school which was a mile away, or at least it seemed like it. Always on my way to school, I would meet up with a bunch of my classmates and we would all walk to school together. Walking with everyone normally made the walk seem much easier and not as far. Among all of the classmates that I would walk with, there was one truly special friend. Her name was Robyn Pololu. She was more than just your average 10 year old girl because she was understanding, caring, and best of all, she was my best friend.

Everyday we started school at 8:00am...