Skinhead Violence

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Skinhead Violence

When you here the term Skinhead you probably think about young rebels wearing big black

boots and Nazi symbols. These happen to be a few trademarks but across the world 'Skinhead'

refers to a diverse cult of young people. The origin of this cult goes back to the 60's in

England, where menacing-looking, shaven-headed and tattooed youths in combat boots began to

be seen in the streets. This cult has matured into a large collection of smaller gangs across

33 countries. The ages of members range from 13 to 25 in which half the members are hard-core

activists and the rest supporters. This cult is tied into political and other violent and

nonviolent groups, suck as the White Aryan Resistance, KKK, populist Party, British National

Party, and several others. They get support from so called punks and football (soccer)

hooligans known as 'hools' to create riots and violence.

From the creation of this cult until

today it has supported violence, starting with beatings with boots and small weapons, evolving

today into a terrorist like cult armed with deadly military weapons.

Just like gangs in the U.S. skinheads also fight among each other. These fights are

actually where most deaths by skinheads occur. And just like gangs skinheads have several

different beliefs and methods of expression. These types of skinheads range from racist and

violent to groups which are political but against racism and violence. The members come from

a diverse range of lifestyles among broken homes, poor families, and alienated youngsters.

They like the brotherhood of the gangs which they are missing from home. Being a skinhead is

not a hobby for the weekends but a lifestyle which ids full of violence and hatred, wreaking

havoc on their towns to express their beliefs.

The Oklahoma City...