Slavery and the Underground Railroad.

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I know you're wondering, what railroad? Well the simple fact is

that everybody has heard of the Underground Railroad, but not everyone

knows just what it was. Firstly, it wasn't underground, and it wasn't

even a railroad. The term "Underground Railroad" actually comes from a

runaway slave, who while being chased swam across a creek and was out

of the owner's sight. The owner said "...must have gone off on an

underground railroad." That man was Tice Davids, a Kentucky slave who

decided to live in freedom in 1831. The primary importance of the

Underground Railroad was the on going fight to abolish slavery, the

start of the civil war, and it was being one of our nation's first

major anti-slavery movements.

The history of the railroad is quite varied according to whom

you are talking. Slavery in America thrived and continued to grow

because there was a scarcity of labor.

Cultivation of crops on

plantations could be supervised while slaves used simple routines to

harvest them, the low price at which slaves could be bought, and

earning profits as a bonus for not having to pay hired work.

Slaves turned to freedom for more than one reason. Some were

obsessed with being free and living a life where they were not told

how to live. Others ran due to fear of being separted or sold from

friends and family. Then there were some who were treated so cruely,

that it forced them to run just to stay alive. Since coming to America

as slaves even back as far back as when the first colonies began,

slaves wanted to escape. They wanted to get away from the situation

they were forced into. Those who were free were the "whites" who were

somewhat separated in values. The North, was a...