Smoking Habits

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Smoking Habits.


This report includes a survey carried out and its quantitative evaluation from a Macro-Sociologists scrutiny, in the form of a questionnaire (Appendix 2) to test the hypotheses. "Do patients that are potentially curable, have a history of smoking, and would benefit from stopping". The research survey was carried out, in the out patients department of the Oncology Clinic in Altnagelvin Area Hospital. The researcher has also entwined smaller research project within this report in the form of "question 4", to test a separate hypothesis of interest. "Is there a correlation between smoking and weight", this was conducted on a much smaller scale, and by including it in this survey, has saved the researcher costs and time. "Some evidence suggests that those who continue to smoke during or after treatment have a worse outcome that those who stop" (Yu G-P 1997). Two of the hospital Psychologists who are part of the medical team, and also treat the out patients in the Oncology Unit believe, that this may be true, and as a result have encouraged and sought financial sources to carry out this research.

Sampling Frame

The sampling frame was purposely chosen as the representatives (patients), medical diagnosis and history has indicated that they are potentially curable, and may have a history of smoking, that would benefit from stopping. The research survey is in no means, intended either to discriminate against any other patients attending the Oncology Clinic nor to show any bias towards them. The rationale of the age bracket in the sampling frame being up to 80 years old, is since "quality of life" is viewed as important at this stage in a persons life-course, the available treatment would cause too much distress, in these cases symptomatic treatment is given.


The researcher...