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Pornography - - Sex or Subordination?

his murderousescapades. However, the strongest and most feasible of these theories came not from thepsychologists, but from the man himself, "as a teenager, my buddies and I would allsneak around and ...

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A Comparison of Piaget, Freud, and Erikson

ientific method are both part of the psychologist's modeof operation. However, even the greatest of psychologists can only theorizeabout what makes human beings act the way they do. Absolutes are not ...

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Hamlet - Video Comparison

literature around the world, and has fascinated many people from all walks of life, from critics to psychologists. There has been much speculation to the different interpretations of the play. Every r ...

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Psychologists often refer to the period of life known as adolescence as one of the most difficultsta ...

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The Effect Sports Psychology has on a Young Athlete

be an example of psychological knowledge, principles, ormethods applied to the world of sport. 'Two psychologists, Bunker and Maguire, saysport psychology is not for psychologists, but is for sport an ... le in the mind of a young athlete, we must look at the uses and techniques of sportpsychology.Sport psychologists over the years have maintained a keen interest in psychologicalprofiling and have been ...

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Women and Territory

i Weisstein explore two different psychological areas that are misunderstood by the public and some psychologists.'The invading army encroaching on national territory, the gang moving into a rival dis ... xplains the various misunderstanding that male psychologist have towards females. One the prominent psychologists of the sixties, Erik Erikson, explained his biased opinions that women primary functio ...

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Murray, B. (1997, September). School phobias hold many children back. APA Monitor.

School phobia, known to most psychologists as school refusal, effects between 5 and 10 percent of school children in the United S ... all game to a science quiz can often be corrected by a team effort including teachers, parents, and psychologists. But, for the younger children just beginning school, separation anxiety can be a ser ... who stayed at home with a parent on a daily basis before attending school. To treat this anxiety, psychologists often use desensitization, a method of slowly detaching the child from the parent(s). ...

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the development of aggression

r I will be focusing on is aggression and its development.The Development of AggressionFor decade's psychologists have attempted to find the causes of aggression. Some psychologists believe that aggre ...

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The Biology of Beauty

Many articles are written by modern psychologists and psychoanalysts that stress the importance of beautyin human and animal breeding as ... hesis ofsymmetry's affect on the abundance of sexual hormones with various scientific evidence. Two psychologists, StevenGangestead and Randy Thornhill measured the symmetry of hundreds of men and wom ...

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on of incest is one of the most important definitions for the people involved, though the law=s and psychologists= meanings are not much the same. Incest needs to be similarly defined for the incestuo ... h the same. Incest needs to be similarly defined for the incestuous parties, both by the law and by psychologists. The definition of incest should be determined by the cases of incest. The people who ...

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Violence and Pornography, pornography -- Sex or Subordination?

his murderousescapades. However, the strongest and most feasible ofthese theories came not from the psychologists, but fromthe man himself, ÿas a teenager, my buddies and I wouldall sneak around ...

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A Critique Of the Stanford Experiment

ple, not psychopaths, who become the Eichmanns of history.'The Stanford experiment was performed by psychologists Craig Haney, W. CurtisBanks, and Philip Zimbardo. Their goal was to find out if ordina ...

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Nature vs. Nurture in "Cry ,the beloved Country"

Psychologists often battle on the idea of 'Nature vs. Nurture', or the idea that people's character ...

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Potty training, a study in human behavior

et Books, 1974.Toilet training is difficult for both parent and child. Based on the research of two psychologists, Nathan Azrin and Richard Foxx, the average child can be fully trained in less than fo ...

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Hypnosis In Psychology

tilization approach, primarily developed by Dr. Milton H. Erickson, is the most widely used amongst psychologists today. The authoritarian approach focuses primarily on the power of the hypnotist over ...

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tage a variety of problems and concerns specifically associated with this age group have developed. Psychologists single out four areas that especially touch upon adolescent behavior and development: ... y for making distinctions, and a greater awareness of and sensitivity to others, is a question that psychologists continually debate. Behaviorists such as Harvard's B. F. Skinner did not believe intel ...

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"The affects of birth order on the rate of mental and physical development of a child" This essay outlines how birth order can effect the development of a child.

important factors are genetics and the environment in which a child is raised ( Psychologists, which are scientists who study human and animal behaviour offer "clues" about why peo ...

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Nature plus Nurture, an argumentative subject in the scientific world

versus nature has been, and always will be anargumentative subject in the scientific world. Some psychologists and scientists share the viewthat our behavioral aspects originate only from the en ... ossibly becomeadded to the family structure, altering the environments of all affected children. Psychologistshave found that, although various situational differences can be traumatic in a chil ...

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The nature/nurture controversy and the extent to which an individuals intellectual level is determined

by environmental factors.The relative powers of nature and nurture have been actively pursed by psychologists and biologists striving to determine how heredity and environment influence the develo ...

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Anger, management and health. Speaks of Plato, Redford Williams, and Albert Bernstein

, whether it be on the job, with a spouse or loved one, or perhaps with a figure of authority. Many psychologists have written about anger, discussing the relationship between anger and fear. Each of ... r. Willard Gaylin, a prominent psychologist, anger is still seen as a disbalance by many of today's psychologists. Since Plato, anger has suffered a bad reputation. We only have to imagine a domestic ...

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