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Executive Summary2Statement of Financial Performance of Smorgon Steel at Various years3Balance Sheet of Smorgon Steel Group as at various years4Cash Flow Statement of Smorgon Steel as at various reporting years5Ratio Analysis of Smorgon Steel at various reporting years6Theoretical and technical Analysis7Weighted Average Cost of Capital8Cash Assets Pricing Model9Conclusions and Recommendations11Reference:12Executive SummaryThe rapid rise of Smorgon Steel to become the nation's most vertically integrated steel producer is one of the most impressive achievements in Australian industry.

The company subsequently acquired ANI in 1999, Metalcorp Limited in 2000 and Email Limited, jointly with One Steel, in 2001. These acquisitions have been accompanied by a successful program of divesting non-core businesses.

Today, Smorgon Steel stands as a major force in the steel industry and a key contributor to the Australian economy.

Smorgon Steel also places great importance on research and product development, including sourcing technology from overseas, and is fully ISO 9002 accredited.

The company has a long history of supplying steel to Australia's major infrastructure projects, from the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme to the Sydney Olympic Stadium, and is proud of this role in the Australian economy.

Smorgon Steel is committed to producing quality products and services, providing value for customers, maximizing returns for its shareholders and providing employees with rewarding careers.

We analyze the company's detailed financial status in this report. Technical analysis like CAPM, WACC, and Beta, Risk management, Share valuation, market risk premium and other analysis are undertaken together with.

The Smorgon Way has been documented to ensure there is no mystery as to the Smorgon values and management style. These values are all about openness, honesty, group decision making, commitment and a drive for continuous improvement. The Company's way of doing things is characterized by energy, drive and a sense of urgency.

Statement of Financial Performance of Smorgon...