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Have you ever been to a deserted island or a place with virtually no society or order? Well, I have, I have been to an Island and while I was there I made friends with the local natives and joined there society for a short while. When I was first joining them, I was amazed by how little order or rules they had, they had over 500 people living in one village and it was complete and utter chaos. There were people all over acting without thought and doing things which were prohibited in our society. There were no police any order of any kind; everyone just did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. I went to their leader to devise some kind of order or rules for them. They agreed and put them to affect, I was no politician, so I had no experience on how societies work. Within a week I was expecting some sort of improvement, but there was none.

The same level of chaos continued. I tried to think of what made my home, Canada's society work. I thought back to my Social Studies and my teacher was teaching us about how societies are run and such. Then I remembered something about a Social Contract and how it was the key to a societies function. I lay in bed one night and asked my self: what is a Social Contract?

Human beings are Interdependent creatures; they prefer to and need to live in societies, with other people, they can each do separate jobs therefore making life easier and better. In order to make the society work, they develop rules of behavior, also called the Social Contract. Because people have different perceptions and paradigms, different cultures have very different Social Contracts.

The social contract establishes organizations...