Social Learning Theory its about how children are being raised in todays society what they see on tv and how others act around them and the things that the kids pick up.

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Social Learning Theory

I am going to discuss Social Learning Theory. It states that the children that are being raised today are learning from everyone and everything. Children have always learned from the things that they see. In other words they pretty much mimic the actions of their parents, siblings, friends, or anything that they see on TV. Whether it is a smile, a signal with your hands or the language they use. A child can learn from this, one example is a child's program on TV teaching them the ABC's or a different language. Children can learn many things but I also disagree. This can also have a bad affect; they may try to hurt another person or child from what they see. Children can learn things that are not right or try to mimic something that can hurt them. Like all the cases on TV where the children have wrestled with another child and ended up killing one of the children involved.

Also another example of children getting hurt from the things on TV is when the show Jackass came out kids of all ages where trying the stunts that were being showed. There was one instance when a teenager was trying to jump over a speeding car coming right at him, needless to say that didn't work and he was badly hurt