Socialization of Gender Role

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We human beings or homo-sapiens are social and dependent on one another from our society which may include living as well as non living organisms. For example, consider a butcher does a business of selling meat everyday for a living. He depends on the truck that brings in the livestock or the poultry. Imagine one day the truckers call for a strike and refuse to ply on roads. The aftermath that he has no poultry or livestock and his business dips. He incurs heavy loss and many people get affected. We are exposed to society from birth and the role of one's life becomes defined when they were born. Yet, the first question during a mother's pregnancy commonly asked is "is it a boy or a girl" (Ng 2009).

The event of unequal treatment towards male and female becomes quite common worldwide. In some countries differences between the genders are so vast that female children are considered to be a curse and are objected to such an extent that they feel suicidal.

False beliefs and practices control weak minds and make them act against development. Stereotyping happens due to many expectationsRight from birth the difference in upbringing of the child becomes a fact. While boys are expected to be tough, active and aggressive, Girls are expected to be more tender, quiet and submissive. This labelling creates problems in many homes where, suppose a girl dresses like a boy and behave accordingly, parents panic and rush to counsellors for help. Vice versa if a boy tends to dress and behave girly parents immediately want to rescue their child from such behaviour. Behavioural science experts have explained the presence of testosterone becomes the main cause for aggression in males and was a vital part of being a man.

In Katherine...