This Essay deals with the Gender roles and Family dynamics of the Ancient Greeks

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Gender Roles and Family Dynamics in Ancient Greece

Part 1

Until recently, the subject of Greek society was largely ignored by most people and only discussed in imaginative science fiction novels or Greek archeological conventions. This has all changed since the fluke discovery of Greek literature ofrom the fourth century BV. Twelve fragments, mostly dealing with the socio-cultural aspect of Greek Society, have been found written completely decipherable. From the analysis of these fragments, one can predict the basic behaviors and functions of the female population of Greece. This includes their roles in a relationship, family, and society.

The evidence suggests that roles are dictated by sex. Unlike the equality of the sexes found here in Canada, Mars is divided by gender borders. The males dominate the more intellectual aspects of Martian society, including politics and art, while women dominate the corporate and economic fields. Performing very little labor, the males stay at home with their families and produce entertainment and artwork while the women provide the income.

Since cosmetics and beauty are a large factor in the success of business on Mars, women greatly value their physical appearances. Therefore, Martian men choose physically attractive mates since beautiful females are more successful. The males constantly search for a better mate in order to find the female with the largest supply of resources and wealth.

Females in Pre-Marriage Relationships

From Fragment # 7, we can see that males could sample around "45 women" before settling down for marriage. Martian men move from relationship to relationship until a woman with the most promising income is met. Commitment is feared because men are very picky about finding the right female "package deal" (Fragment # 5). This can be observed from fragment # 5 where the male author "like most guys,...just [doesn't] want to...