Antigone Plot Analysis

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Exposition: The exposition is clearly stated by the so named 'chorus' as they tell about Oedipus' tragic life and many things that happen throughout his lifetime, one of the most important was the birth of his honorable daughter Antigone. It tells about his early years where his biological parents abandon him in hopes of outwitting Apollo's oracle. It goes on to tell all about his parents the king and queen of Corinth, and the murder of King Laius (his real father.) Fate has told all of this, because of Apollo's oracle (page 23) and it said all about his cloud covered life before he was even born. It sets the stage of the play and lets us in on incidents in the play, yet to occur. It also tells us as about Oedipus' other children Polynices and Eteocles who fought in a death infested land to end up taking each others lives.

The exposition tells us about Creon, (and his all powerful rule) and what he supposes as examples of right and wrong burying only Eteocles body, leaving the body of Polynices for the ravenous birds to feast on. Unwept, in ignominy, and unburied, this was done to prove his point, and death was bestowed on anyone who disobeyed Creon's rule. This definitely leaves room for a very high climax, many complications, and many other elements of plot in the story of Sophocles Antigone.

Discovery: The discovery is when Antigone finds out about herself and that she needs to side on one of the major conflicts in the story. One of the major conflicts is God's Law, which Antigone sides on, and that goes against Man's Law or Creon's Law which all in the city of Thebes abide by. Antigone discovers that she has the capability to do...