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The ODyssey Throughout Odysseus long journey over the course of twenty years, Penelope continues to wait for her one true love, Odysseus. Penelope is patient, and loyal. Penelope and Telemakhos are approached countless times by the suitors, whom she will be forced to remarry. Nearly everyone tries to convince her that Odysseus will never return. No one can convince her to remarry, so soon she is forced. Penelope has waited and waited for her one true love to return from the battle at Troy. She has waited for him for twenty years, and still he has not returned. She does everything she can to obtain the marriage and family she has. Penelope is loyal and faithful wife who deserves to be happy again after waiting twenty long years for Lord Odysseus, her love.

Penelope is a very loyal woman, she continues to show this throughout the book. She does everything she can just so she won't have to remarry.

Penelope asks that the Akhians let her finish her weaving, and if by the time she is finished and Odysseus hasn't returned, then she will be forced to choose another husband. Penelope worked on it during the day, but secretly at night she would unravel everything she did during the day. Her plan worked, until the Akhaians caught her and forced her to finish it. She was extremely crushed, and disappointed. The Akhaians told Telemakhos that, "He has to dismiss her mother from the house, or make her marry the man her father names and she prefers." The Akhaians tell her that they'll never go anywhere else, until she takes and Akhaian to liking. Several incidents like this occurred throughout the book, and every time, Penelope refused. She believes very strongly that her Lord Odysseus will return home, partly because they...