Society's Support of Recreational Drug Use

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Today, the easiest clique to become a part of in high-school is the "druggies'" group. If someone is being picked on, all they have to do is start using some sort of drug and bang! They're instantly accepted into the fastest growing high-school clique. Why is it that recreational drug use is so supported in high-school and the world in general? Well, that's what I am about to explore.

In America, our culture is very materialistic. The more money you have, the more things you can buy, the bigger your status. This, in part, is responsible for the increase in recreational drug use. That might seem like a big jump on my part, but if you honestly think about it, it makes sense. Drug dealers aren't in the business to be philanthropists. All they care about is making money, which our culture encourages people to do. So, when it comes down to it, since our culture supports money and dealing drugs inevitably leads to money, our culture indirectly supports drug use.

Another way that our culture supports recreational drug use is by its support of living for the next "high," whether it's drug-induced or not. For example, partying can be a "high," shoplifting can be a "high," cutting yourself can be a "high," and, of course, being under the influence of drugs can be a "high." Our society emphasizes these sorts of "highs," because we are taught to concentrate on entertainment, living for the moment, and basically thinking only of oneself.

A final example of a cultural dynamic that supports recreational drug use is the way our society says that loss of control can be a good thing. Roller coasters, alcohol, drugs, and [submission to] sadomasochism are all examples of the ways that society supports loss of control. Drugs are known to make you lose partial control of motor function and normal brain activities.

In conclusion, our culture and society supports recreational drug use for several reasons. However, just because our society supports something does not mean that we should just blindly follow what others are doing. Society may say that using drugs is fine, but logic shows that it absolutely is not.