Sociology, Scenario Questions, and Answers

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Imagine you are an eyewitness to an incident. You have been asked to be interviewed. Please respond to the following situations:· You are asked to come to the office of the interviewer, located far from where you live. The traffic is heavy, and you have to park a couple of blocks away. The office is in a dirty building, and you don't have directions provided. There is no one to greet you, and you aimlessly wander around until you reach a room with a number of cubicles and messy desks. You spot the individual you agreed to meet behind a desk. The person greets you warmly and invites you to sit down.

How might you feel before being interviewed?Definitely, I would feel uncomfortable, and unsafe from the beginning. Most of all depending what I have witnessed I would more so be nervous. The further I am from home, and this being "ME" in my daily life, I am leaving my comfort zone, and basically going circles in my mind, it doesn't make it even worth coming.

How might the surroundings affect the interview?The office being messy, cluttered, and dirty, would be a distraction to me, and would probably not benefit the interviewer with any resolution to precise answers. My concentration would be little to none.

· You are at home when the incident takes place. You have been so busy that you have been unable to even tidy up the house. You are just about to start dinner and have a paper due in the morning.

How might you feel before being interviewed?I would feel over whelmed, with all the work I have to do. Although I was raised to always have my house ready for "unexpected company" I don't believe I would have this issue. My home is...